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Let’s talk about this amazing scene because you can pinpoint the exact moment Emma decides to take a leap of faith with Killian. She owes him nothing, to her, he’s a stranger with a weird obsession for leather and guyliner. She doesn’t remember kissing him, she doesn’t remember how saying goodbye was hard, she doesn’t remember him swearing he wouldn’t stop thinking of her. Yet, they still connect somehow, she still decides to believe, and even if her life is amazing the way it is, she still decides to give it up ,all of it, even her possible fiancé because there is a man who looks desperate to be reunited with her. Even without her memories of Killian and with memories of a happy life with her son, she had never seen in her life a man loving her so much. Killian’s love for her touched her
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my brain: there is literaly a 0 percent chance the fictional shit from creepy games will show up irl in your kitchen

me: but its dark and scary

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These photos were beside eachother in my camera roll… Coincidence? I think not

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I just like to come here to see him.

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captain swan hiatus meme » ten scenes [4/10]
               ∟ 3x11 :: TLK attempt after Emma lost her memories

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Welcome to the OUAT fandom, where killing your wife for leaving you is more acceptable than an unhappy woman leaving an unhappy situation

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when you’re in a bad mood and your friend is trying to cheer you up


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"do you love the character or the person who plays them?"


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Like I just don’t get what people would POSSIBLY think is being set up on the show?  Like … if something happened and went badly with Hook and Emma, HE WOULD LEAVE.  He would have nothing else keeping him in Storybrooke, that much has been pointed out EXPLICITLY.  He wouldn’t just hang out and bang every chick in town.

It’s been made clear that anyone besides Emma, for Hook, would be second choice at best.  And if Emma wanted him, he’d drop them SO FAST.  That’s not exactly the stuff dreams are made of for any other Hook ship.  And as for Emma … she’s never BEEN this close to any other person, not romantically, not ever.  This is a HUGE DEAL for her to be letting him in, and if things go south with him, guess what?  GIRLFRIEND WILL PROBABLY NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH ANYONE EVER AGAIN.

And the stuff that’s happened between Hook and Emma thus far is TOO important for both of them, TOO real, to be a flash in the pan, a thing that’s going to fizzle out and go nowhere.  No.  This is the real deal, we’re in the beginning of the journey.

This is not just gonna be some fling that’s gonna be over and done and forgotten about, sorry haters.  Hook and Emma are INCREDIBLY important to each other, and that’s not gonna get erased because you don’t like him or you want her with someone else.

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